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Monday, February 21, 2005

More FCC complaints

Good to know someone still has a sense of humor out there.

According to a report on, four people submitted complaints to the Federal Communications Commission – the broadcast regulator in the U.S. – following the broadcast.

Of those, two people complained that McCartney's performance wasn't racy enough.

The complainants said that the show put on by McCartney was boring and didn't entertain them.

I wish I had thought of this first. There's a long list of TV programs that I would like to complain about. For instance, my boyfriend was entertaining himself in a masochistic way yesterday by watching a show called "Voice of Virtue" with a strange woman interviewing a priest about how virtuous the church was to dodge responsibility for the child molestations committed by priests. He blamed movies and books--can I complain about this bullshit?

And while I'm at it, I would like to file a complaint against "Seventh Heaven" for giving me cavities.

I would also like to file a complaint against every new sitcom that has a fat, boorish husband paired with a foxy wife who is a saint amongst women. And have the writers' paychecks revoked for not even trying to do their job.

And I want to file a complaint against the Fox News Network for driving me to drink.


Blogger Lanoire said...

LOL. There should definitely be an organized liberal/libertarian effort along these lines.


Blogger Kyso K. said...

Reality TV. I want to be compenstated one extra minute of life for every minute that I have been aware of reality television. The exceptions would be Fear Factor and Road Rules, when the ratio jumps to 4 comp minutes for every minute wasted just knowing about these shows.

And I want compensation for pain and suffering for the summer of 2000, when my workplace did a morale-building Survivor knockoff that lasted several weeks. Seriously, I want a settlement so large that it has to be expressed using scientific notation. What was that new FCC fine cap again?


Blogger WookieMonster said...

Amen Kyso K.! Reality TV sucks at my soul and I want vengence! Money would do nicely, but the death of RTV would be OK too...

I was subjected to the same torture in 2000, but I was only a lowly temp at the time, so I only had to observe the horror, not actively participate.


Blogger Kazzrie said...

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Blogger trade web links said...

I really agree with the complaint filed against the FCC. REally they are annoying.




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