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Sunday, May 23, 2004

I guess I'm behind on the times

I didn't know they remade The Stepford Wives. I can't believe this got the greenlight. The original movie was a sort of woman's worst nightmare kind of horror movie--that worst fear being that all men want out of women are cunts who cook and that your entire personhood is just a burden on society. Yeah, it was way overblown, but it was a dark comedy. But maybe I'm reading it wrong.
I just can't believe that this kind of slap at the domestic pigeonhole for women could get made nowadays. Are we not living in a time where newsmagazines are on a regular schedule to put out at least one article every three months or so claiming that feminism is so over, that women want their babies young, are crawling all over themselves to prove that they can't wait to change their names, that they like quitting their jobs to be domestic goddesses, that they know that ambition in women ruins their sex lives?
I guess we'll see. They probably sucked the bite out of the original story or found a way to ultimately blame the murder/replacements on the female victims. Or who knows? Maybe it will be better than the original, a little more nuanced while still driving home the point that there is something deeply sick and wrong about the cult of domestic female perfection. The casting seems promising, at least. It has a good chance at being funnier than the original.
One way or another, we'll all probably get the pleasure of Kate Roiphe and Ann Coulter declaring that women only wish that they could be Stepford Wives.


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