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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Rotten on so many levels

This whole thing is depressing. It's depressing that these coffins are filled with those barely out of high school. It's depressing that this has been supressed until now for political reasons. It's depressing that the freedom of the press is being stifled with barely a protest. It's depressing that the administration is so petty that they likely influenced the decision to have the photographer fired for disturbing their control over the press. But for some reason, this is what stuck with me the most:

Pentagon officials yesterday said the government's policy defers to the sensitivities of bereaved families.

This is a horrid example of doublespeak. I have trouble believing that families of dead soliders support a policy of pretending that the deaths didn't happen so that it is easier to whip up support for wars that will result in more dead soliders. This is crawling-on-the-belly low to use the grief of military families as an excuse to protect their own sorry asses.


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